Bend of Ivy Lodge

It’s 11:52pm. I’m in the middle of the woods outside of Asheville, NC. Tomorrow at 8:00 am starts my 3 day retreat with complete strangers, with whom I will be eating all meals, spending all day, and sharing a bathroom.

We’re all hear to learn about coaching. I’m so excited. A little nervous. And slightly confused by my bed.Image .


The lodge, from what I can tell in the darkness, is beautiful – knotted pine banisters, a wide atrium with windows overlooking the 63 acres we’re sitting on (I’ve heard there are goats and deer and lambs and cows on the property, who I hope to discover in the morn). Upon entering the building you slip your shoes in a cubby and pad through the main meeting space, with its clean cream carpeting and tidy chairs set in a circle, and come up to the top floor where our rooms are. Here is mine:


I slipped in quietly so as not to wake the other guests who got here earlier, and flicked on the light once I’d closed the door. I found myself face to face with a dreamcatcher.

It has begun.

Three years ago I would have cried myself to sleep on the twin mattress in here, scared of the linens and confused about what I was doing here. Now I’m just excited to find out what the next few days will teach me. The workshop is for coaching, and it’s the first of three steps I need to take in order to become certified.

At the best, this will be a major, wonderful step towards my becoming a professional coach. At worst, it’s a crazy hippie adventure.

I’ll let you know once I return back to Philadelphia at the end of the week, if not sooner!


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