The Post

On Monday, I wrote a somewhat hysterical post about all the stuff I’ve been doing; it had the lull of a diet-pill monologue, upon rereading it. I think I broke the exclamation point key – or at least the quota – and I had to stop myself from wanting to boldface every other word. I’m thinking there might have been a gas leak in the house last week, because over the weekend I came back to earth, and upon reentering my normal body I realized that I have a terrible cough, a migraine, a lowgrade fever, and malaise like woah. And so, I have spent the entire day in bed, trying to pull the covers over my head, but I’m no good at it. So I squirm, fidget, check my phone, close my eyes, turn over, get up to do the laundry, turn on the tv, turn off the tv, roll over, close my eyes, open my computer, and then realize that three hours have passed and I need to walk the dogs. After my mania of weeks past, I found it rather easy to determine why I feel like the bottom of a horse’s hoof at the moment – I’m just doing too much and I’m burning myself out. It’s frustrating to know this, but not know really how to stop. And so I spent the day either struggling to relax, or berating myself for doing things.

However, when the mail arrived, my spirits lifted. I’m so excited – The Washington Square West Civic Association Post has come out! This was one of my first projects since joining as the Marketing Chair  – to redo this puppy. I thought it was a good first project to tackle because it’s something tangible, visible – a product that enters the homes of members. A change in The Post would visually signal to them a change within the Civic, and hopefully reignite some curiosity about what we’re doing.

The Post

It was a bit of a mess to get it together – I didn’t know that the articles hadn’t been edited – let alone that they hadn’t been assigned! – when I came on board in January. But in one month we were able to change the internal structure, assign new columns to new authors (including a business profile by Husband on page 4!), change the entire layout, print it partially in color, and still get it out relatively on time. It was a crazy amount of work for the last two weeks, but now it’s here, and it doesn’t look awful! In fact, the cover at least looks rather spiffy, I think 🙂

Want to take a look through it? Here’s the pdf!

Holding this in my hands I had a flashback to high school. When I was a junior, I decided to start a music magazine with one of my best friends, Tess. We called it Phonic. We assembled a staff of writers, and had columns – CD reviews, concert listings around NYC, and timely pieces such as “What are Mp3s?” I remember that the back cover always featured an explanation of a genre of music – we did “trip hop” and “shoegazing” and “pop punk.” They were basically copied from Allmusic. I remember writing a CD review for the Deftones. In short, it was pretty awesome.

Gazing down at The Post, I smiled; things don’t change all that much. Here I am 12 years later, making a newsletter and getting giddy, bashful, nervous, stressed, excited over it. Staying up late playing with Microsoft Word layouts. Hoping it looks “real.”  Pulling pictures off of websites and hoping it’s not illegal. Finding myself spending many happy hours editing others’ writing, and thinking up new article topics in the shower. It’s amazing sometimes to see how many, many things have changed – and yet, how you find opportunities to do the same, strangely specific things over and over in life.

It’s 5:47 at the moment; at 6:00pm I’m meeting with my committee to review this most recent edition of our community newspaper, to solicit feedback. You know who else I would love feedback from? You! I know some of you are familiar with my neighborhood, some not at all.  If you take a moment to flip through the issue, is there anything that you think should be in there that isn’t? What would you like to get out of your community newsletter?


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